Sponsor A Day Opportunities2017-11-21T18:03:44+00:00

Please support Zach by ‘Sponsoring a Day’ during his journey!

Zach’s new goal is to raise $50,000 for the Child and Youth Mental Health unit at RVH – and of course to raise awareness and get our kids talking!

There are 29 Days available in two categories (reserve your day today!)

  • TWO Superhero Days – $1500.00 *SOLD OUT*
  • TWENTY-SEVEN Warrior Days – $500 *ONLY 13 DAYS LEFT*

On YOUR day of sponsorship, we will:

  1. Record and post a video shout out to your company, “Today’s journey is brought to you by…”
  2. Tag you in our posts throughout the day on all of our social media channels
  3. Add your logo to the header of our MAP ROUTE page of the website for your day

If you would like to know more about supporting Zach by Sponsoring A Day, please send us a message!

To view the pdf explaining the packages, calendar and route map, click hereĀ ZMT_SponsorshipPackagesWEB.