Project Description

Mind to Muscle Strength and Conditioning Centre

Zach is unleashing his inner athlete with the superheroes at Mind to Muscle. His first appointment was with Dr. Adam, who completed a functional assessment to see where Zach is at and talk about his goals. Twice a week, Zach heads over to be put through the paces so he will be ready for his 420 km journey from Barrie to Ottawa. Matt, Justin and Greg are going to teach him about injury prevention, strengthening, goal setting and nutrition. We are extremely honoured to have them on Zach’s team and proud to say they’re huge community supporters too! As a mom, I’m super happy to know that they’re as on board about SAFETY and PREVENTION as I am!

Mind to Muscle is a strength and conditioning centre focused on training individuals to optimize their health and athletic performance with clientele including people of all ages (7-70) and fitness levels. Please check out their website here!