#SameHere, A Beautiful Partnership

We are proud to partner with The Global Mental Health Alliance: We Are All A Little “Crazy” 501(c)(3).

The Founder, Eric Kussin, has a simple goal: to build and provide important resources and programming, as well as to support The Alliance Members already doing great things with their own initiatives, all resulting in a well-educated and more accepting global community. We plan to use bold messaging that changes how we all think about mental health, the term “mental illness,” and the best practices available to heal and prosper.

School programs and more

We urge you to check out the #SameHere blog and #SameHere Hero Stories to see why their mandate speaks to us. We are particularly excited to share the #SameHereSchools programs.

Please contact Gillian Bradshaw to learn how your school or group could win a #SameHere Event and the
honour of selecting a local youth mental health initiative to receive a portion of the funds raised.

"I went public with my story for the simple fact that I wanted to put my life on paper take one last look at it and put it in its rightful place, which was the past.  I didn’t know that by telling my own story it would inspire others to find their own voices. I love helping others now and know I was put here to do just that."

~ Theo Fleury, Hockey Hero, Author, #SameHere Alliance Celebrity