Zach’s Mission

Zach wants to raise money and awareness for Kid’s Mental Health initiatives and he wants to ask our government to make sure that kid’s mental health needs are a PRIORITY!

Who Is Zach

Zach is a dreamer who has always dreamed BIG.

Zach is a charismatic 12 year old boy who has been talking about ‘running across Canada’ (like Terry Fox!) to raise money for ‘kid’s health’ for well over two years now. He never stopped wanting to do it so, we’ve decided we are going to make it happen! Zach is known for his empathetic and inclusive nature. He’s VERY active and enjoys basketball, running, and lacrosse. He also loves to eat EVERYTHING.

Why Is He Doing This?

Zach believes that what the world needs is for kids to feel safe. For them to grow and not worry and be able to create ideas and things. Kids aren’t supposed to be held down by things mentally like adults – and that’s what is beautiful about them. But it doesn’t seem to be that way anymore with social media and the way things are. We should listen to them more. No judgment. No criticism. And when they find their inner warrior and the courage to say they are troubled and need help – be there! Zach has also felt the effects of mental illness from family members, most notably, me, his mom.

Why RVH Youth Mental Health?

Currently if you are a young person suffering with a mental illness in Simcoe Muskoka, you can’t get the comprehensive care you need in our region.

70 percent of mental health problems begin during childhood and yet in North Simcoe Muskoka only one in five young people receives the help they need. Most alarming about this gap in services is that sometimes young people are sent home or admitted, inappropriately, to inpatient adult psychiatric units.