Zach’s Burst Your Bubble for Youth Mental Health Challenge!

This was such a fun challenge! Although we weren’t able to complete our goal of bringing the #SameHere program to Canadian schools (yet!), we were able to create many moments of fun and lots of conversations about mental health.

And isn’t that what it’s all about? Talking about the things that we struggle with? Being open and honest and listening without judgement? We hope you all continue to keep talking, keep sharing, and keep reaching out when you’re struggling.

The Burst Your Bubble MISSION was to inspire 2.2 million PLEDGES. One pledge representing a voice for each of our 2.2 million youth. One collective, nation-wide voice to demand action for better mental health support.

HOW did Zach and the team want to do this? There were TWO parts to Zach’s mental health mission.

  1. THE CHALLENGE. Zach’s “Burst Your Bubble” Challenge! Everyone is invited to join! Blow and burst your best bubble. Post your pic or video on social media using the hashtag #BurstYourBubbleForYMT and tagging @ZachMakesTracks and challenge three people to ‘one-up your bubble’. Register and make your PLEDGE at
  2. THE PLEDGES. $1 =1 PLEDGE. Every dollar that is registered as a donation counts as ONE pledge. When you register online, you are prompted to enter the name of a school or organization. Every pledge is a ballot for that school/organization and is entered into a draw. Ballots will be collected until April 30th, 2019. Thirteen groups — one from each province and territory — will be selected to host a ZMT supported event on May 7th, 2019 — National Child & Youth Mental Health Day — which will include: a visit or video message from a celebrity; national media coverage; AND the honour of selecting a local mental health initiative to receive a generous portion of the funds raised. We would love to see schools and groups who don’t win the event (this year!) plan their own events to discuss mental health and raise funds – send us your pictures and let us know how it goes!

There were some VERY entertaining videos shared including one from The Trailer Park Boys. Search #burstyourbubbleforymt to view them.