Zach’s One Regret

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Those who know Zach, know he isn't really that quiet of a kid. He's goofy, often hilarious, does great impersonations (though sometimes inappropriate) and gets in to trouble now and then. If you're in Zach's

Zach had a dream!

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Today Zach met our Prime Minister. This felt like some incredible closure to this amazing journey - because it started with the letter Zach wrote over 2 years ago, asking Mr. Trudeau to help him

Phew! The journey has begun.

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We're looking for that 'groove'. The nice one you fall in to when things are planned well and there's no expectation for disaster. Ha Ha Ha! Ok. So I'll be the first to admit we

What truly matters – lessons learned at Retro Planet!

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We are in the home stretch with only 5 days left to lift off. Wasn't it just January? If truly feels like we have been going 100 miles a minute for the past few months,

Georgian College Auto Show

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**UPDATE** The Georgian College Auto Show team raised $2500 for Zach Makes Tracks! Thank you to everyone - we know how much work went in to planning this incredible event and we are honoured that

Support from the OPP!

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Zach and Matthew had a really cool visit to the OPP station on Rose St. in Barrie yesterday. We have been spending some time with the teams from OPP Headquarters and these officers, making sure

Baskets For Zach – Shenanigans, FUN and fundraising

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So, how does one even begin to find the words to express the amount of gratitude they feel? Our hearts are full tonight. Tonight was incredible, and incredibly overwhelming! Baskets For Zach was the amazing

St. Monica’s Heroes!

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We were able to make a quick visit to St. Monica's C.S. this morning, just before all the end of year school festivities began to meet four AMAZING students. Molly, Kaitlyn, Fernanda and Shaniece are

Zach Visits Trillium Woods P.S.

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Our visit to Trillium Woods Public School was a special one. Zach attended Kindergarten at this school many years ago - and one of his VERY favourite teachers, Mrs. Robertson, transferred here last year from

Zach visits Sister Catherine Donnelly C.S.

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What an exciting crowd at Sister Catherine Donnelly Catholic School this afternoon! We pulled up in the RV right at recess and the kids immediately started waving hello and cheering for Zach. Now, Zach doesn't quite