Project Description

Terri at Blue Heron Stables is a long-time (and incredible!) family friend. What a gift she is to me (Zach’s mom)! Terri invited me to try her 9 week course called GATEway. I left the course feeling incredible and knowing myself so much better. It isn’t any secret that horses are considered mirrors of our souls, but they really did reflect my own feelings and issues (subconscious things I wasn’t aware I was doing or putting out there) right back to me, loud and clear and in a way that I could work through and put to rest. I learned about making boundaries, living in a more mindful way, feeling more at peace with my choices, trusting my own intuition and not apologizing for things I believe in. Although the horses were incredibly astute teachers, the most magic lies within Terri and her ability to gently guide you to a better place in your soul. Thank you for supporting Zach on his journey – being mindful of the moments along the way is such an important gift! And thank you for supporting me 🙂