Zach and Matthew had a really cool visit to the OPP station on Rose St. in Barrie yesterday. We have been spending some time with the teams from OPP Headquarters and these officers, making sure we have all of our ducks in a row, so to speak. Everyone’s safety is our NUMBER ONE priority – and seeing as we have never done anything like this before, we are working to prepare for any and all possibilities. Fortunately, we have some experts in the form of OPP officers on our side willing to guide us through this process.

What’s involved in planning such an event? Lots! Permits and permissions and operations manuals and such. And it’s all very important. Everything from traffic concerns to detours, accidents, first aid, mechanical issues and being aware of our impact around us. The OPP are using their expertise to make sure we have the smallest amount of impact on traffic, especially on two lane highways/roadways and through busy city centres. We don’t ever want to put Zach in a situation where his safety, or health, is compromised. This means working closely, having radios on hand for all involved, communication and planning our travel times.

Yesterday was meant for fun though! Staff Sergeant Michael Burton and his team had a surprise gift for Zach – three very cool t-shirts and an awesome camo baseball cap to wear on the journey. Matt and Zach got a tour through the station, saw how the OPP operate, spent some time in a cell (not that pleasant) and sat in the back of a police car (after pushing some buttons in the front seat of course).

We owe a big thank you to the OPP, to Staff Sergeant Burton for taking on the task of keeping us safe, for Provincial Constable Knox for explaining how things work in the OPP, to Sergeant Kris Size and his team in Orillia for believing in Zach in the beginning and for our dear friend LD Keillor – a dispatcher with the OPP – who has gone above and beyond supporting Zach.

Zach and Matt only have one things to say – “Please send bail!”