Wow! What a night. Rock 95 invited us out to share the evening with them at the Barrie Baycats game against Toronto at Coates Stadium (they’re 13-0 right now by the way!) and we are so glad we went. Despite the sprinkles it was a beautiful night. The kind kids remember… warm air, twilight, bright lights illuminating the diamond, cheering crowds and a WIN… I love these moments!

Zach got to throw the first pitch with Craig from the Rock 95 Morning Crew – they did great. He was a bit nervous but his form was excellent!

And again, we were stunned by our community. Mr. Dave Mills, President of the Barrie Baycats, called Zach up in front of everyone and gave him a surprise $400 donation! This spurred other fans to come up to Zach and donate as well, to a total of $495! We certainly weren’t expecting that! We also love when people come up to us to share their stories of struggles with mental health. It really shows us how much raising awareness is needed.

In the end, Zach and Matthew collected 7 balls and received a signed baseball bat from #29, Kevin Atkinson – what a super guy too. He came over and chatted with Zach about his journey and made him feel like a million bucks.

I think we will be adding more Baycats games to our family time!