***Update! Ferndale Woods students and staff raised $843.50 for Zach Makes Tracks! Well done students and thank you for sharing Zach’s message that Youth Mental Health his IMPORTANT!

Fun Fairs are cool for us. They give us an opportunity to set up and let people come to talk to us. They get a chance to walk around the RV, absorb what Zach is doing and really see Zach in his element (which usually means locating the nearest basketball court and inviting kids to go play with him).

We especially enjoy talking to the kids who come up to see what we are about. We try to make sure we have treats on hand but they have to earn them first! Derek likes to ask questions like “Do you know where Zach is running to?” or “What cause is Zach raising funds for?” or his favourite “How many little yellow feet can you count on the side of the RV?” Kids will do anything for a lollipop, and we know they’re listening when they answer!

When we arrived at Ferndale Woods, there was a group of teachers and students waiting for Zach to get off of the RV. He is quite shy, so the attention is throwing him off a little bit – but they were so excited about what he is doing, and they asked such great questions (some in french!) that Zach quickly felt at ease. Smaller groups are definitely better for him.

This school goes all our for their fun fairs! It was threatening rain, so they squeezed two giant jumping castles in to their gym and had a slew of awesome  people displaying their products and such in the hallways. There is always ice cream and food, and we had to partake in that part, of course!

The visitors to the fun fair were very generous with their donations – we are always humbled by this. And the students? The last update was they they raised $838.50 – AND THEY’RE STILL GOING!

A very large thank you to Mrs. Harding and the students, staff and parents of Ferndale Woods Public School for making us feel so very welcome and like rock stars 😉 Shout out to Matthew and Kohl for helping us out again!