What an exciting crowd at Sister Catherine Donnelly Catholic School this afternoon! We pulled up in the RV right at recess and the kids immediately started waving hello and cheering for Zach. Now, Zach doesn’t quite know how to handle this yet. He’s so afraid he ‘looks’ like he is bragging or showing off so he is trying to find the balance of being humble and grateful. It’s quite sweet actually, he’s so worried about offending anyone. We’re working on it!

Zach had the brilliant (and mom-stressing) idea to jump on top of the RV to take a panoramic of the kids all crowded around the fence. And even though it stressed ME out, what a cool picture it turned out to be! Jody came out with a giant megaphone and we talked with the kids about Zach’s journey. They had some great questions and then presented Zach with a donation of $251.71 in coins they collected over the past week! Way to go students!

The event ended with Zach and myself running along the fence giving all of the kids a high five as they chanted “Go Zach Go”. I don’t think we will get tired of seeing such inspired kids helping our kid 🙂

Thanks for the invite and support Sister Catherine Donnelly Catholic School!

IMG_2759 Click HERE to watch the video!