Our visit to Trillium Woods Public School was a special one. Zach attended Kindergarten at this school many years ago – and one of his VERY favourite teachers, Mrs. Robertson, transferred here last year from Codrington. So we couldn’t wait to go!

This is such a BIG school! Their gym is twice the size of ours, but they’re so well organized! After hugs and a quick catch-up with Mrs. Robertson, we saw the entrance of parents, staff and students, and it looked like a choreographed dance! So orderly! The Leadership Team led the assembly with announcements and an introduction of Zach Makes Tracks. We showed Zach’s video and then made our short and simple presentation about Zach’s journey.

Many of the kids from the OELC Camp Zach attended a few weeks ago were there and asked Zach some questions. One of the teachers that attended was there as well, and as mom that worries about how this affects her son, I will be forever grateful that he stood up and spoke about Zach at camp. He spoke about how at OELC, they learned about different leadership styles. His comments perfectly echoed what I try to tell Zach – that him not speaking in front of groups doesn’t diminish the impact of what he is doing. That it isn’t a necessary part. Mr. Peters, please accept my gratitude for your comments. It means the world to me.

“Our Leadership team and I had the opportunity to meet Zach at our school boards Exploring Leadership camp at OELC this spring. With the help of a teacher from his school he had an opportunity to share his project, Zach Makes Tracks, to a room of two hundred fifty peers and adults. His message and ambitious idea struck a chord with the leaders from my school and resonated with them as we gathered to talk about what we wanted to do moving forward. The leaders wanted to figure out a way to support Zach and raise awareness at our school before the year was over. 

One of the things we talk a lot about at Exploring Leadership is different leadership styles.  Often we think of leaders as those who are stepping up to the forefront and loudly telling others to follow them. We learn that there are other ways for people to be leaders. What impresses me with Zach is that while he is quiet, he is showing outstanding leadership. He is being a leader not through his words, but his actions, and those actions are inspiring many around him.

We are very happy we could coordinate with Zach and his mom and support him with a fundraiser at school. We wish Zach the best of luck on his journey starting August 13th, we will be cheering for you.” ~ Mr. Peters

This will go down as quite an emotional visit. Wow. We really are learning so much about our community, and what kids really CAN do. Thank you for inviting us Mrs. Robertson and the Trillium Woods family!